Hello and welcome to amzylj_creative! 

Hi there, I'm Amy, and I am the owner and creator behind amzylj_creative. I specialise in mandalas and fine line drawings. 

I have always been creative (think, mum wouldn't buy us a horse as a kid? let's make one out of cardboard) but I had never really done anything with that creativity until lockdown hit in 2020, and I really took to drawing again as it was a great way to focus and stay calm amongst all of the chaos. Whether is was drawing tiny patterns in my notebook or drawing mandala murals in chalk on my driveway there's wasn't many days where I wasn't drawing. Since then, I have decided to turn my passion for drawing into a business as a way to share my art with the world. 

I am based in Geelong, in regional Victoria and take my inspiration from nature. Be it the ocean or the mountains, being outdoors is my happy place and what keeps me grounded and I take that love of nature and use it to inspire my art in order to create calming and beautiful pieces for your home.

Thank you so much for visiting my website, I appreciate it more than words can say. If you would like to keep up to date with my art you can do so by following me on social media (Instagram, TikTok and Pintrest are all @amzylj_creative). 

Much love, 
Amy xx